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Mavic Crossride UB 2009

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    Entry level at Mavic means full quality, durability and performance. The QRM bearings are replaceable and the straight pull spokes are stronger than J bent spokes. The new Crossride UB benefits from a narrower and lighter rim for increased responsiveness.

    Self Lock - The special shape of the spoke end, on the thread, makes it impossible to loosen. The spoke stays tightly screwed into the nipple, no tension loss is occurring. As a benefit, the wheel keeps its original roundness for a long time, and does not get out of true.

    QRM - Sealed cartridge bearings that are serviceable, mounted on a special axle featuring a "bearing support ring" to adjust play.

    H2 Hammer Hardening - Reinforcement of the area around each nipple hole by hammering to compress the material of this sensitive zone. The rim can be eyeleted on top to even more improve resistance.

    FTS-X - Force Transfer X - The ‘FTS Nose’ is an extension of the hub body that goes inside the freewheel. The contact zone between the pawl and the FTS Nose is reinforced by 2 stainless steel inserts, which allows for manufacturing all aluminium, mono-piece hub body. The pawls are centered exactly in the middle of the freewheel body, for a direct power transmission. The FTS-X version features 2 new pawls made of harder steel, a new low friction v-seal and new axle end screw with dry thread lock prep.

    UB Control - Usine Brut Control - The sidewalls of the rim are milled with a diamond point on a digitally controlled machine after assembly and anodization,

    • Weight - 1750g per pair
    • Front wheel - 805g
    • Rear wheel - 945g

    • Braking surface - UB Control
    • Colour - Black anodised
    • Drilling - Traditional
    • External Wear Indicator
    • Eyelet - H2 technology
    • Internal width - 17mm c
    • Joint - Pinned
    • Material - 6106 Aluminium
    • Valve hole diameter - 8.5mm

    • Colour - Black
    • Count - 20 front and rear
    • Lacing - Front radial, rear radial non-drive side, crossed 2 drive side
    • Nipples - Brass, self lock concept

    • Bearings - QRM
    • Colour - Black
    • Free wheel mechanism - FTS-X, steel
    • Front and rear axle material - Steel
    • Front and rear bodies - Aluminum
    • Front axle size - 9 x 100
    • Rear axle size - 9 x 135

    • ETRTO size - 559x17c
    • M10 (Shimano, Sram)
    • Recommended tyre sizes - 1.5 to 2.3

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