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Mavic Crossmax SX C-Lock Wheels 2009

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    For 2009 the Crossmax SX gets a totally new freehub design, goes on a 165 gram diet, and gets a hot new look. New ITS-4 pawl system delivers instant engagement and transfer of pedaling energy and interspoke milling (ISM) significantly reduces the weight and inertia of the wheel. These new technologies add dynamic performance to the SX whether going up the mountain or down.

    • Fore - One wall of the rim is drilled with a tapered point with carbide that heats the alloy, and pushes it inside the rim. It creates a chimney that can then be threaded. The integrated M7 nipple can be screwed directly into this thread.
    • ISM - Inter Spoke Milling - Since the rim wall between each spoke hole is subjected to very little stress, it is possible to mill it to save weight. The rim is CNC machined, leaving just the necessary material to obtain the best weight/rigidity/durability ratio. A Mavic® multi-patented exclusive concept (US 6 402 256)
    • ITS4 - Instant Transfert System 4 - The system works with 4 pawls, working 2 by 2 in order to provide a very fast engagement. Each pawl is energized by an individual spring, to reduce the risk of failure.
    • Maxtal - Exclusive alloy developed specifically for Mavic by Pechiney Alcan Group, for rim manufacturing and optimizing alloy characteristics vs. that specific use.
    • QRM+ - Qualite Roulements Mavic® Plus - Sealed cartridge bearings including a specific high precision adjustment ring. Precisely adjusted to the hub, they participate to the lateral rigidity due to an optimized positioning.

    • Color: shot-peened and gray anodised - CD light
    • Disc brake specific profile: no braking surface
    • Drilling: Fore
    • Internal width: 21 mm c
    • Joint: SUP
    • Lowering: ISM
    • Material: Maxtal
    • Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm

    • Color: gray
    • Count: 24 front and rear
    • Lacing: front crossed 2, rear crossed 2 non drive side, crossed 1 drive side
    • Material: Zicral
    • Nipples: integrated M7 aluminum with brake rings
    • Shape: straight pull, round

    • Bearings: QRM+
    • Front and rear axle material: aluminum
    • Front and rear bodies: oversize aluminum
    • Front axle size : 20 x 110 mm only
    • ITS4, alloy

    • Disc brakes: Centre lock
    • ETRTO size: 559x21c
    • Front wheel mount : 20 mm through axle only
    • HG 8/9-speed
    • Recommended tire sizes: 2,0 to 2,5
    • Tyres: UST Tubeless and tubetype

    • 1755g per pair
    • Front wheel: 825 g
    • Rear wheel: 930 g

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