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Mavic Crossmax SLR UST 6-Bolt Wheels 2009

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    Crossmax SLR 09 features a patented Mavic technology used for the first time : ISM 3D. Inter Spoke Milling 3D pushes the concept one step further by machining not only the lower bridge of the rim but also its sidewalls. The result is a lighter rim providing the most dynamic ride ever : instant acceleration, direct steering and reactive braking. The front wheel is also available in 20x110 version, providing better bike handling, thanks to a stiffer front end. Also available in lefty version.

    • Weight: 1420 grams per pair
    • Front wheel: 600 grams
    • Rear wheel: 820 grams

    • Colour: double anodization, black rim, silver ISM
    • Disc brake specific profile: no braking surface
    • Drilling: Fore
    • ISM 3D
    • Joint: SUP
    • Material: Maxtal
    • Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm

    • Colour: black
    • Count: 24 front and rear
    • Lacing: front crossed 2, rear Isopulse
    • Material: Zicral
    • Nipples: integrated M7 aluminium with brake rings

    • Bearings: QRM+
    • Colour: red
    • Free wheel mecanism: FTS-X, steel
    • Front and rear bodies: oversize aluminium
    • Front axle: aluminium
    • Rear axle size: 9 x 135
    • Rear axle: titanium and aluminium

    • Disc brakes: International Standard, Center-Lock
    • ETRTO size: 559x17c
    • HG 8/9-speed
    • Recommended tyre sizes: 1.0 to 2.1
    • Tyre: UST Tubeless and tube type


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