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Shimano XTR M970

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    Shimano SL-M970 Shifter Pod 9 Speed

    Since its introduction, XTR has held true to its original design philosophy of delivering top-level performance in a lightweight, beautifully-engineered package. For 2006, XTR raises the bar again – by reducing complete group weight by almost a pound, increasing stiffness & strength, and delivering even more durability. When combined with innovative new features, XTR delivers the ultimate riding experience.
    Since 1990, RapidFire levers have been the industry standard. Improving on our own technology, the newly designed

    XTR RapidFire Plus shifters raise the bar with four new features:

        * Instant-release shifting: A click of the release lever (upper lever) releases cable tension, same as it always has. The difference is that it now releases immediately when the lever is depressed making shifts that much faster.
        * Multi-release shifting: You’ve always been able to grab more than one gear with the thumb lever (lower lever) on RapidFire Shifters. With RapidFire Plus you can now shift two gears with the release lever too. More gears when you need them. Indexing is strong enough to prevent accidental over shift so if you just want one gear, that’s great too.
        * Two-way shift :The release lever still performs the same function but now it shifts in both directions. Pull it with your finger, push it with your thumb – you choose. With two-way shifting the new XTR shift levers adapt to meet your needs.
        * Variable positioning: Customizable ergonomics allow the shifter to be positioned to work for the way you ride – with infinitely adjustable lateral positioning; you can mount the shifter inboard or outboard of the brake lever and fine tune the position from there.
        * Outboard mounting works great on wide bars, allowing riders to push the brake lever farther in to get the most possible leverage and braking power.
        * Inboard mounting provides great ergonomics on narrow handlebars, delivering the shifting and brake positions you have come to know and trust.

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