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Shimano Deore XT STI M770 манетки и тормозные ручки

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    Цена‚ $: 257,64

    Compact design XT Dual Control lever sets combine shifting ease and Servo wave braking performance


        * Moving the brake lever up or down can shift multiple gears in one sweep in either direction
        * Instant Release for super fast shifting performance, delivering the chain to the next sprocket or ring the moment the shift is actuated with no hesitation
        * Multi-Release allows multiple shifts in either direction with one sweep of the lever, further adding to the speed at which you can go up or down the cassette
        * Shimano's proven Servo Wave technology enables a tunable cam linkage to operated allowing rapid pad to rim engagement, at the point of contact the cam moves across multiplying the leverage ratio and increasing the stopping power
        * Easy access no tools lever reach adjustment dial for custom lever feel and position
        * Removable secondary release lever provides a further shifting option if required
        * Comes as standard with brake cables and SIS-SP41 silicon greased gear cables for increased smooth gear changes
        * Mega9 compatible — for precision 9?speed shifts

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