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DT Swiss SSD 190L

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    Пружина: Воздух, пружина
    Демпфирование: Масляная ванна
    Настройка: Отскок, блокировка
    Размер: 152x31; 155x37,5; 165x37,5; 190x50; 200x55
    Год выпуска: 2008
    Цена: 693,70
    Вес: 175

    DT Swiss rear shocks are not only strikingly light, they are also distinguished by innovative, fail-safe, service-friendly technology. And countless realistic test bench runs (10 million load changes) prove that these aren’t just empty words. The reliability of these shocks has also been documented with data logging equipment in test rides by professional riders under extreme conditions.
    The low progression of the spring rate is achieved by a variable air chamber volume and allows up to 10% more utilizable stroke than conventional shocks of the same length. The fail-safe, maintenance-free elastomer negative spring in the shock is superior to standard air negative springs because the risk of pressure drops through air loss is eliminated. This shock ensures sensitive, precise response characteristics.

    The elastomer negative spring is adjusted automatically in accordance with the pressure of the main air chamber, eliminating the need for an additional valve, which would make operation complicated, or a bypass, which can damage the seals. 100% Swiss made.

    The SSD 190L can be locked with the lockout lever. With the optional Lockout Remote Control System, the lockout can be controlled from the handlebar. The rebound offers a wide range of adjustability.

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