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Chris King NoThread Titanium

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    Класс: Даунхилл, Фрирайд, Олл-маунтин, Дёрт
    Тип: Безрезьбовая
    Материал: Титан
    Диаметр рулевого стакана: 1, 1?1/8
    Подшипники: Закрытые промышленные из нержавеющей стали
    Год выпуска: 2008
    Цвет: Серый Titanium
    Цена‚ $: 507,73
    Вес‚ гр.: 102

    The ultimate temptation, the Chris King titanium headset is hard to pass up. So, satisfy your need for reasoned analysis while still allowing yourself to succumb to the lure of inspired impulse and ask yourself: What could be better than the world's finest headset made from the universe's sexiest metal?

    Produced only once or twice a year and offered only in 1 inch and 1?1/8 inch NoThreadSet models, the Chris King titanium headsets are often a little hard to come by but always worth the wait.

    When Chris designed his first headset back in 1976, his idea was simply to create a headset that would last more than a season or two. No one could have known that his efforts would revolutionize the bicycle industry. The Chris King headset has been considered a benchmark of quality for thirty years. No other bicycle component can boast the longevity, performance and absolute reliability of the Chris King headset.

    We manufacture each Chris King headset from materials and components evaluated precisely for use in our headsets. Each headset is developed with every attention to detail and each part of every headset is made by us. We even go so far as to make our own sealed, cartridge style bearings — a practice unheard of in the bike industry.

    Our bearings are made from surgical grade stainless steel and are fully serviceable. The constant contact seals are easily removed to allow for user servicing, yet provide an impervious barrier to the worst grit and grime of riding. Our seals protect the bearings so well that we often see headsets 10, and even 15, years old that have never been serviced and still run like new.
    Though our offer still stands, few people ever have to take us up on our 10 year warranty.


        * Size: 1", 1?1/8"
        * Weight (g)88 / 102
        * Total Stack height:28.0 / 31.4 (mm)
        * Lower stack height: 12.9 / 13.7 (mm)
        * Cup skirt: 37.0 (mm)
        * Head tube I.D. 30.2/ 34.0 (mm)
        * Base plate: I.D. 26.4/ 30.0 (mm)

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  • 15/11/2013 05:14 от perdol

    подшипники из нержавейки?!!!!! вы там совсем ебанулись?

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