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Burgtec Penthouse

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    Класс: Даунхилл, Фрирайд, Олл-маунтин, Дёрт, BMX
    Материал: Фрезерованный алюминий 204 2TG
    Ось: Сталь EN24 T
    Подшипники: Закрытые промышленные
    Шипы: Сменные
    Год выпуска: 2007
    Цвет: Чёрный, красный Race, коричневый Bad Bad Leroy, розовый камуфляж Dicso Camo, серый камуфляж Snow Camo
    Цена‚ $: 288,40
    Вес‚ гр.: 660

    Burtec have refined their Penthouse Flat pedals and incorporated a parallelogram design which adds benefits to the aesthetics, the main benefit being improved access to the 8 replaceable M3 pins which are screwed through from below, meaning you should have no problem when it comes to removing broken pins. The pedal body is fully CNC machined from a solid billet of 204 2TG Aluminium and features a concave platform which allows the foot to sit «in» the pedal, offering more grip and maximum comfort. The body is then hard anodised in three colour combinations. The pedals body runs on dual sealed bearings and Burgtec's DRU Bushings which are claimed to outlast other manufacturers bushings by up to 3?5 times longer. The axle is manufactured from super strong EN24 T Steel for unsurpassed stiffness and long life. These pedals are fully servieable, and every part on the pedal is replaceable.
    Team these babies up with a pair of 5 10's and you have all the grip you will ever need without the drawbacks of being clipped in!
    Sam Hill's flat out style and blistering speed during the 06 WC season has dispelled the myth that you need to be «clipped in» to win at this level, and who can argue with that!


        * Huge surface area & pin design ensure grip when you need it most.
        * 3?Stage process on axle: plasma coating, nickel-plating, titanium nitriding.
        * Axles made from the finest EN24 T steel.
        * Fully CNCed pedal body machine from aircraft grade 204 2TG Aluminium billet.
        * Unique pedal body design allows all pins to be removed.

    Internal Specification:

        * Super strong axles for maximum power transfer from rider to bike.
        * Dual sealed bearing arrangement for smoother running.
        * Fully serviceable every part is replaceable.
        * Our bushes outlasts the widely used DU bushes by 3?5 times.
        * Steel axle 83grams.
        * Steel pins 63grams.
        * Titanium Axles 47grams.

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