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Crank Brothers Mallet 1

  • Характеристики

    Класс: Даунхилл, Фрирайд, Олл-маунтин
    Материал: Алюминий
    Ось: Кованый хром-молибден
    Пружина: Нержавеющая сталь 300 серии
    Год выпуска: 2008
    Цвет: Чёрный, тёмно-зелёный
    Цена‚ $: 139,21
    Вес‚ гр.: 540

    Crank Brothers Mallet 1 pedals make downhill riding a little easier, thanks to the mud shedding performance of the all access clip-in system. All 2008 mallets pedals also feature replaceable set screws, so you can customise your traction.

    Mallet 1 pedal colours are anodized on rather than painted so the finish will keep looking great and, being fully rebuildable, they should keep spinning smoothly and looking great for years

        * All access system
        * Wings — formed s45c carbon steel
        * Traction pins — 8mm set screws
        * Release angle — 15 or 20 degrees

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