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Kore Palmster 2

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    Класс: Шоссе
    Длина‚ мм: 100
    Год выпуска: 2007
    Цвет: Чёрный
    Цена‚ $: 20,59
    Вес‚ гр.: 136

    Palmster road bar grips exemplify the innovative approach KORE takes with product design. Achieving a far less expensive way to offer ergonomic comfort when riding on the «tops» of road handlebars than costly molded carbon fiber handlebars, Palmster road bar grips are an easy-to-install and effective solution. They're better than under-the-bar tape inserts because KORE Palmsters support the entire hand, resulting in less hand fatigue and forearm «pump». Kore Palmsters are the perfect accessory for those long road rides and are especially comfortable to grab on to when climbing those tough ascents. Go to the «Kontact» link in the main menu bar to find where you can obtain this and other fine KORE products in your area.


        * Road bar grips for campy and SRAM
        * Nylon w/ Krayton insert
        * Size: 23.8~24.2 x 100
        * For dual cable systems

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