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Cane Creek SL

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    Тип тормозной системы: Механическая
    Материал: Рычаги: Алюминий TT7, холодная ковка; Основной болт: титан
    Год выпуска: 2008
    Цвет: Серебристый, чёрный
    Цена‚ $: 97,85
    Вес‚ гр.: 132

    Origin: The SL traces is heritage to our 200SL road brake, which established itself as a staple of road bikes on a weight-purging diet. By switching from conventional dual-pivot brakes to a pair of 200SLs, road riders could knock off at least 70 grams—enough of a savings to be a performance upgrade in its own right.

    The SL advances the performance edge even further. The original 200SL’s weighed a svelte 125g per caliper but the new SL adds the superior performance of a dual pivot with only a 7g increase in weight. That’s proven performance that you can’t pass up.

    Construction: The SL's Dual Pivot design musters plenty of stopping power and precise control, because we've optimized all the ingredients. The brake arms start out strong as cold-forged aluminum and are CNC-machined to relieve weight without sacrificing integrity. Titanium hardware provides the other main source of gram reduction, bringing the SLs in at a world-beating 264 grams a pair. The adjustable spring tension helps provide a light yet powerful feel while the Kool-Stop Cartridge brake pads assure the rider of precise control in all conditions.

    Who rides it: SL brakes have been proven in competition by pro road teams and top triathletes, including a few Ironman champions. It's a natural upgrade for weight freaks and a justifiable one for just about anyone.

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