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Campagnolo Record Skeleton, пара

  • Характеристики

    Класс: Шоссе
    Тип тормозной системы: Механическая
    Материал: Титан
    Колодки: Картриджные
    Год выпуска: 2008
    Цвет: Чёрный
    Цена‚ $: 386,84
    Вес‚ гр.: 340

    The differentiated Record™ Skeleton™ brakes arrive with a highly evolved design which, without rejecting the classic elegance of Campagnolo® products, forcefully highlights the product's racing vocation.
    It is worth noting that this design springs from an advanced structural analysis in which form follows function; the material has been moved to where its structural efficiency is maximum and eliminated where it is minimum, to get a considerable nominal 35 g weight reduction while leaving performance unaffected. The system is differentiated so the front brake is more powerful while the rear one is lightened and easier to modulate, to reduce the danger of rear wheel locking. The materials used for the various components of the mechanisms have been refined, in order to guarantee high performance while reducing the total weight of the system.

    Features & Benefits:

        * Forged arms = Stronger, maximum life cycle
        * Skeletonized arms = Greater weight saving with the same rigidity
        * Special pad compound = Excellent balance between performance on dry and wet surfaces, modulable braking and long pad life
        * Differentiated Front / Rear = Powerful front, light and modulable rear
        * Orbital pad adjustment = Optimum interface with the rim, maximum braking performance
        * Titanium hardware = Greater weight savings
        * Ball bearings = Long life, low friction
        * Lightened rear brake

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