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Avid Digit Ultimate

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    Тип тормозной системы: Механическая
    Материал: Нержавеющая сталь, промышленные подшипники
    Колодки: Картридж Rim Wrangler
    Год выпуска: 2008
    Цвет: Чёрный Stealth Black
    Цена‚ $: 113,28
    Вес‚ гр.: 182

    Familiarity breeds confidence (not a bad thing to have when you're out riding solo in the wilderness). Avid Single Digit brakes are the choice of riders who seek supreme performance in a simple design.

    Lightweight, powerful, intuitive, simple. Each one is Avid-engineered with Force Vector Alignment® to ensure more energy reaches the rim with less effort.

    Sooner or later you face the inexorable truth that what comes down must first go up. And on long-distance rides in the mountains, every minuscule gram counts. The Single Digit SL brake provides the same great performance as our regular brakes, sans the excess weight. (Competitive cyclists will take note).

    Hey, nothing wrong with exploiting any advantage you can get.

    Single Digit Ultimate
    The ultimate rim brake
    This sleek CNC rim brake pivots on sealed cartridge bearings so you’ll get a smooth, effortless stop. In fact, its stopping power will amaze even disc brake devotees. It also has a lefty/righty reversible noodle which allows you to route the cable from, you guessed it, the left or right lever. Beautifully sculpted from solid aluminum billet, it’s very lightweight — just as you'd expect from Avid.


        * Sealed Cartridge Bearings
          No friction here — these are as smooth as butter
        * CNC Machined Aluminum
          Very stiff design and immaculate machining
        * Force Vector Alignment (FVA)
          Reduces brake boss splay and improves performance, efficiency and control
        * Oversized Linear Spring
          Provides positive centering with less spring tension — resulting in a lighter action
        * Stainless Steel Hardware
          You don't want corrosion do you?
        * Locking Overcoat
          The Overcoat retention system that works. Prevents Mother Nature from causing friction inside the noodle
        * Rim Wrangler 2 Pads
          Hi-performance, long lasting replaceable cartridge brake pads — now has a universal fit

    Upgrades from the Single Digit SL

        * CNC machined arms
        * Sealed cartridge bearings

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