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Hayes Stroker Ryde

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    Класс: Фрирайд, Олл-маунтин, Кросс-кантри
    Тип тормозной системы: Гидравлическая
    Вид гидравлической системы: Открытая
    Тормозная жидкость: DOT 4
    Калипер: 2 цилиндра
    Диск: 6?болтовый
    Размер диска: 160, 185, 203
    Крепление: Post Mount, адаптер
    Год выпуска: 2008
    Цвет: Чёрный
    Цена‚ $: 153,86
    Вес‚ гр.: 412

    Stroker brings 10 years of hydraulic disc brake experience to all riders in the form of a high powered, visually stunning platform that shade tree mechanics can understand and afford. Simple.

    Master Cylinder:
    High performance motorcycles rely on radial design master cylinders to put efficient, consistent braking power into riders’ hands. So should bicycles. The time is now, the technology is right, and the Stroker’s advanced and intuitive design is the answer. Featuring the first radial master cylinder that can be run on either side of the handle bar, the
    Stroker also offers a two-piece clamp system that allows riders to switch from conventional brake setup to moto-style in seconds. Its smart design means that riders can remove the brakes from the handle bar without having to detach
    the grips, shifters and other controls. But the Stroker offers more than convenience. The radial design minimizes pushrod and piston side loading for better durability while providing a super light and responsive lever feel. Because
    the brake’s internals are designed to move in the same direction as your braking hand, every lever stroke is the ultimate in efficiency. That efficiency translates into powerful control at the flick of a finger. The extreme rigidity of the radial body and the high mechanical advantage of the radial master cylinder also ensure
    that maximum power is transferred from your fingers to the pads and rotor, yielding a superior ratio of minimal braking effort to maximum power output. Three port-timing holes are also used in the master cylinder to make sure the brake fluid always takes the path of least resistance, making the lever
    feel consistently responsive and smooth. Matching the smoothness of its braking execution is the Stroker’s streamline aesthetic design, with an optimized hose exit angle at the master cylinder for a clean-looking cockpit. Maintaining the Stroker can be nearly as clean and efficient as its operation with the new Pro Bleed kit and Stroker threaded fitting.

    The caliper is the business end of the brake system, clamping down on the rotor to stop the spinning wheel. The Stroker’s insulated caliper pistons control fluid temperature during heavy braking, so every braking stroke engages the caliper smoothly and consistently, eliminating lever fluctuation and providing a reliable feel.
    Set up is simple with Hayes™ standard 74mm post mount, which is used on all calipers and can be matched with our 5, 6, 7 ,8 or 9 inch rotors to meet your riding needs. Another advanced design feature, the Caliper Positioning Window (CPW) promotes air flow needed to cool the caliper, eliminating the need for fan blades on the rotor. The CPW also provides a clear view of the rotor and brake pads, making set up and adjustments a snap, so more time is spent riding.
    Every gram of the Stroker is optimized for strength, efficiency, and performance. The calipers are designed to add more aluminum where you need it to manage heat transferred from the brake pads, while eliminating weight where you
    don’t need it. It just makes sense.

    Brake Pads:
    Friction equals stopping power. To provide that superior power, the Stroker Trail and Ryde brakes utilize large pads made up of proprietary materials with better heat capabilities that provide more power and longer wear time.
    Stroker Trail also uses the improved Hayes™ patented tool-free pad-change technology with large grab tabs for easy replacement.


        * Close-pack Construction (CPC) results in zero wasted space. Every element of this radial master cylinder is optimized
          for strength, light weight and compact size.
        * An integrated reservoir and bladder handle fluid expansion 33% better than the flagship Hayes MAG brake*. This design
          reduces lever pump and ensures consistent feel by compensating for pad wear.
        * A hard coat anodized 6061?T6 aluminum piston in the master cylinder holds tight tolerances throughout the life of the brake.
        * The perfect lever design disappears in your hand. An internal lever team used benchmarking, Hayes Test Program feedback, CMM* scanning and
          Finite Element Analysis, all to make a lever that you won’t even notice.
        * Reach adjust: 2.5mm allen key
        * Hose routing: Fixed
        * Flipflop lever design
        * Useage: Cross Country, All Mountain, Freeride,
        * Sintered Metallic Pads

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